About Melissa

I am so glad you stopped by! Life is precious and is meant to be lived with purpose and passion. I find mine in four f’s (okay, one “ph”): Food, photography, family, and faith.

Cooking and baking bring me immense joy, but what I love even more is spreading that joy by sharing my creations with the people around me. I firmly believe that food is one of the greatest love languages.

A little bit about me, I am Texan, born and raised. I have three grown children and have kept busy as a photographer since about 2004. I shoot everything from sports, to events, portraits, and I even recently published a book showcasing the Steeples of Texas. But, when I get home, the cameras get stowed and the apron comes out. My personal staple food groups are potatoes, chocolate, and anything spicy.

Healthy-ish is our kitchen mantra. Flavorful food doesn’t need to be fattening. And healthy food need not be boring and bland. 

You may be like me and already love to cook. You may be one that prefers to sit on the sideline and enjoy the finished product. Regardless which camp you fall into, this blog is for you. My goal is to provide easy recipes with (mostly) things you can grab out of your pantry – and to bring life to YOUR kitchen!


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