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Comforting Easy Chicken and Rice Soup

Easy Chicken and Rice soup

Chicken and rice soup is comforting and super easy to make. Sometimes you need a little comfort food The easiest chicken and rice soup comes to the rescue on this rainy day. Because it hasn't stopped raining here in twelve hours and the temperature has dropped soup was an obvious choice. Consequently, I asked my husband this morning what he wanted for dinner and he didn't hesitate, chicken and rice soup was his immediate response. I find chicken and rice soup to be very comforting on a rainy, cold day. There are a thousand ways to make chicken soup. Here is how I make it. Mirapoix,...

Easy Delicious Lasagna Soup perfect for any night

Easy Healthy Lasagna Soup Healthy Lasagna Soup Healthy Lasagna Soup delicious goodness for a quick meal without the mess of multiple pots. What a novel concept. We made pizzas recently, I realized I already had lots of mozzarella and ricotta cheese. I had everything I needed to create dinner without going to the grocery store. Use the Noodles You Have on Hand I did a little improvisation with the noodles. I used what was in the pantry and ended up using two different types of pasta. The pasta variety added a little something special to the soup. Of course if you have lasagna noodles on...

Taco Night for the Win

Taco Dinner

As a native Texan, Tacos is a standard weekly meal, often Taco Tuesday. In our house Monday’s become Taco night as we ease back into the week routine.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

stuffed bell peppers

Easiest healthy dinner idea when you are short on time, stuffed belled peppers. I used ground turkey but you can also use veal or whatever you have on hand.